Pools Landing, Blockhouse & Battery, More Water!


POOLS LANDING BY TIM EDDY - $12.95 This book strives to enable the reader to travel through the first 400 years of the settlement of New England while stopping to visit interesting people at various points along the way. These people were the fascinating products of the circumstances in which they lived. Everything in this book is based on documented facts. As the saying goes: “You can’t make this stuff up.”
Hopefully, the reader will gain interesting insight into why the people in these stories did the things that they did.

BLOCKHOUSE & BATTERY: A HISTORY OF FORT EDGECOMB BY JOSHUA M SMITH - $8 This bicentennial history of Fort Edgecomb examines the military reasons for fortifying Maine's coastline in the early 1800's, the political ramifications of that fortifications program, and the lives of the men and women who manned these posts through the war of 1812. Based on extenssive primary research that has brought to light forgotten documents, this book places Fort Edgecomb within a national historic context that reveals aspects of the fort's social and military significance.

MORE WATER! THE FIRST TWENTY YEARS OF THE EDGECOMB FIRE COMPANY BY JOHN CHASE - $8 "Fire Chief John Chase's "More Water" is much more than a history of the beginnings of the Edgecomb Fire Company. It is a revealing look at a rural Maine community during the years of World War II and the decade and a half that followed. Here, in the men and women we meet in this reminiscence one finds the strength of character and sense of the common good that makes our State strong". Jay Robbins, Maine Historian and Lecturer. John Chase, the author of this history of the Edgecomb Fire Company More Water was passionate about the town of Edgecomb and the well being of its inhabitants. Yet he continued the family tradition as a shipbuilder at Bath Iron works.