Early Edgecomb, Maine Compiled by Katherine Chase Owen

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Katherine Chase Owens, was descended from a long line of Edgecomb families beginning in 1760 when James Chase settled in Edgecomb and dies here in 1807. James' son Eben was the father of several sea captains and became legends in their own right. The next generation included ship wrights, skills which were pass on down through the family. The daughter of George Chase and sister of John Chase, author of More Water, shared her brother's passion for Edgecomb.

Katherine's interest in history culminated in 1986 with publication of Early Edgecomb, Maine a compiled entirely of material taken from original manuscripts, town clerks reports, dairies, school agent records, news papers and many other sources. She also engaged help from the major libraries, archives and museums as well as Edgecomb residents especially from member of the extended family.

Volume 2 introduces newly discovered material followed in 1988, as well as Volume 3, Pictorial was added in the same year.